Automate your customer conversion effortlessly

InsiteBot is an AI-powered chatbot for your website.

It's always working and responds instantly. It costs less than a coffee and scales with your users. InsiteBot provides insights about your customers and is as easy to set up as editing a spreadsheet. Get 40% off with our COVID-19 relief sale.

Why do I need it?

InsiteBot website chatbot

Engage your customers while you sleep

InsiteBot is always working, so you don't have to. It provides instant answers to your customer's questions, while gathering insights for your business and boosting leads.

InsiteBot uses artificial intelligence to interpret your users' questions, and give the most relevant answer in your brand's voice. It's trained to meet your business needs with a training spreadsheet for your industry.

53% of buyers are more likely to buy from a business they can message

according to Nielsen Report.

InsiteBot website chatbot

More than just a chatbot; context-aware interactions guide your user's onboarding and keep them engaged at every stage of the customer journey. Insitebot not only helps your customers, but provides invaluable analytics and insights about their engagement with your business - helping you to serve them better.


Sales and support person of the future, now

InsiteBot is rooted in conversational AI; we developed its natural language algorithm to build a virtual assistant which won two categories at the MTN Business app of the year awards. This same technology is now available for your business.

You have the option to further extend InsiteBot's capabilities by adding HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to answers. That means in-chat action buttons, voice messages, embedded YouTube videos and more. Insitebot is fully equipped to make recommendations, convert customers and generate sales.


Get InsiteBot for your business

No coding knowledge required. You can have InsiteBot serving your customers and providing valuable insight within minutes - it's as easy as one, two, three. We'll send you a getting started guide when you sign up.



Just paste one line of HTML code into your website, or simply install our WordPress plugin.

InsiteBot is compatible with your website.



Like any new employee, InsiteBot needs to learn about your business in order to serve your customers better.

Training is as simple as editing a spreadsheet and allows you to infuse your company culture and brand voice into your bot.



Integrate InsiteBot with your branding using our theme editor. Give your bot a name, face and personality.

Try before you buy


See InsiteBot live on your site before paying a cent. You can install it on your website for free, but to enable visitors to interact, you need to activate your account.



Billed yearly.

This plan is best suited to SMEs and bootstrapping entrepreneurs wanting to connect with millions of potential customers, while keeping overheads as low as possible.

  • InsiteBot for your website, with the latest updates and features

  • Unlimited messages

  • Unlimited users

  • Real-time insights and analytics

  • Dataset of predefined, editable training phrases and examples

  • Name your bot

  • Custom logo

  • Editable help prompt

  • Limited technical support



Billed yearly.

This plan is perfect for established businesses to integrate InsiteBot seamlessly with their brand, in order to boost sales and automate their onboarding process. The additional technical support offers complete peace of mind.

  • All standard plan features

  • Installation

  • Full technical support

  • Editable theme to integrate with your branding

  • Custom in-chat icon


Contact for pricing

This includes all features of the pro plan, plus custom software solutions (such as mobile app development). It also includes training of your bot. This provides a complete customer conversion and service solution for your business, without lifting a finger.

Sign up for our pro plan, then reply to our welcoming email with your specific requirements and opportunities.


Word on the street

Don't just take our word for it. Our clients and the media have the nicest things to say about InsiteBot.

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Step up your customer service

Gain valuable insight into the needs of your customers by joining us on our quest to automate customer conversion.

Try before you buy; pay only when activating your account. We'll help you get InsiteBot on your website, in under 5 minutes. No coding knowledge required.

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